General Meeting Featuring Officer Natasha Haunsperger

July 20, 2017 (Thursday), 6:30 pm


Portland FBI 9109 NE Cascades Parkway
Portland OR 97220

Contact information:

Antonia Fabian Kreamier
General Meeting Featuring Officer Natasha Haunsperger

Comforting Those Who Serve America

Zephyr, who is a member of the Portland Area Canine Therapy Teams, visited the YLA students on Friday, July 14th to provide soft fur and comfort to the students and agents fighting crime and seeking justice.

Portland Area Canine Therapy Teams visit vulnerable populations in a wide variety of settings including targeted specialty courts, parole and probation officers,  adults and youth at risk and prison re-entry programs.

Zephyr works in specialty courts, visits parole and probation officers, children at Ronald McDonald House, and the FBI!  He teams up for visits with Rona Amadon, FBICAAA Board, his current owner/chauffeur.

Zephyr Zephyr

Featuring Officer Natasha Haunsperger of the Portland Police Department

Natasha Haunsperger is currently an Officer with the Portland Police Department and is extremely active in foreign-born labor trafficking cases, involving individuals, both documented and undocumented, who are brought to Oregon under a false promise to work in the in the service or labor industry as farm workers, domestic caretakers and nannies. Officer Haunsperger, along with a team of outreach specialists, provide a pathway to safety for those who are victimized by labor trafficking.

To increase the chances of identifying trafficking victims, the Police Bureau and its partners at Portland State University Advertising Departments's agency, FIR NW, have launched an awareness campaign: Red Means Help. 

Red Means Help focuses on non-verbal communication messaging by possible victims with no English or limited English language skills and an officer/first responder. The campaign will have strategically placed messaging where victims often travel, such as transit. Ads will appear in several languages and establishes a clue officers will be trained to look for. Its goal is to educate first responders, raise public awareness and message to victims there is a way to reach out for assistance.

As part of the campaign, the Portland Police Bureau produced a law enforcement roll call video on response protocols called "Window of Opportunity," as well as a documentary film, "Reclaiming their Lives," which targets a specific audience of vetted community stakeholders and partners in order to shield survivors' identities.

The Portland Police Bureau has also established an email that the community can use to share tips/non-emergency content: [hidden email]  For more information, visit

Please attend this meeting, meet Officer Haunsperger, and listen to her experiences working with foreign-born labor trafficking victims, and learn how we can best help those who can not stand up and speak for themselves.