General Meeting Featuring The EPIK Project

April 26, 2018 (Thursday), 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm


FBI Portland Headquarters 9109 NE Cascades Pkwy
Portland OR
General Meeting Featuring The EPIK Project

Please join us to hear from Justin Euteneier, Program Director of the EPIK Project. Justin will be joined by Tomas Perez, EPIK founder, Rodger Seid, long serving EPIK volunteer and Marine and JR Ujifusa, Deputy District Attorney for Multnomah County.

Justin spends his time answering the question; how can men actively fight to end the demand for people being prostituted against their will? Three years ago, EPIK experimented by engaging buyers directly. Today Justin’s job is to recruit, train, and lead men across the country on how to utilize this tool and speak into the hearts of men with grace and a firm hold on truth.

When not leading EPIK, he is fortunate to fight alongside heroes in our law enforcement, legal, and legislative communities. To say he loves his job is an understatement.

EPIK will be the recipient of some of the funds raised at our Annual Bowl-A-Thon event. Click here for the photo.

The EPIK Project exists to engage men in the fight to end demand for sex trafficking. The project has directly disrupted buyers at the point of purchase for over 4 years resulting in almost 95,000 purchase attempts from roughly 50,000 buyers across the country. They have earned enthusiastic support from law enforcement, survivors, advocates, and city officials, and are recognized as leaders in the demand reduction effort. All of this is possible because of the nearly 200 men that have volunteered to become aware, trained, and deployed in 10 cities. In 2018 the EPIK Project has been launched in Tucson, Anchorage, Houston, and Los Angeles.

The EPIK Project was born out of a frustration upon learning of the realities of domestic sex trafficking, but seeing no viable options for men to get involved. Since our inception in 2012 we’ve grown to around 200 volunteers managed by only 2.5 staff and our motto is “men create demand, better men can end it.” Though we have several other projects aimed at ending demand, our primary tactic is to talk with sex buyers at the point of purchase, called Cyber Patrols. The innovative nature and effectiveness of Cyber Patrols has resulted in several successes. Among them are: an invitation to speak at the United Nations Council on the Status of Women in New York in March of 2017; participation as a CEASE city with Demand Abolition, a national demand reduction organization as part of the Hunt Alternatives; men patrolling in Portland, Foster City, Oakland, San Diego, Dallas, Fort Worth, Detroit, Kansas City, Phoenix, and Los Angeles (coming online in 2018); in Portland, where we began, independent research has indicated a 59% drop in online purchase intent1. The reduction in purchase intent is a result of a collaborative effort in Portland between law enforcement, civilians, and the county. EPIK is partially credited for this success and in the words of Officer Mike Gallagher of the Portland Police Department’s Sex Trafficking Unit, “it’s a lot harder to buy sex in Portland.”

1 Research of “Online Purchase Intent” by Demand Abolition January 2015 to June 2016.

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